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14 Weeks

We had another check up today, and all news was good.  I gained 2 lbs since the last visit and my blood pressure was 110/70.  The protein and glucose levels in my urine are normal, too. 

I talked to the doctor about the flu shot and plan to get one at my school when they offer it.  I also plan to get the 2009 H1N1 vaccine, which he said the FDA just approved today.  I’m torn about it, since I’ve never gotten a flu shot before, and I’ve also never had the flu.  I’m also worried that the H1N1 vaccine hasn’t been tested for that long, but I spoke to a friend who has a Ph.D. in microbiology and she explained how the process of making the vaccine is very similar to the regular flu vaccine.  Getting an understanding of the science made me feel better about it.  Another friend shared her story of getting the flu in her third trimester, and it sounded horrible.  She was so sick and dehydrated that she lost 8 lbs in two days.  All good reasons for me to get the shots.

Back to the visit.  We got to hear the baby’s heartbeat again with the Doppler.  But my favorite part of the visit by far was when the doctor told me my weight was “superb.”  I would like to get that in writing and frame it, since that’s the first and probably last time I’ll ever hear that my weight is “superb.”

Ed complains that he never sees any other dads at the office, and I’m very happy that he’s there with me.  I told him he could skip the next visit if he wants.

It was a great visit overall and we scheduled the next appointment, with the big BOY OR GIRL ultrasound for Columbus day.  I’m very excited and looking forward to that!  And Ed’s excited about finding out, too, so I guess he’s planning to go with me after all.

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