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19 Weeks

This week, we had not one but two ultrasounds.  First, we went back to my regular doctor’s office.  We got this adorable picture of the baby sucking his thumb, but they still couldn’t get a good look at his heart.

19 weeks 1

Then, on to Yale’s Fetal Cardiac Center, with better technology to see his heart.  Everything’s just fine, and we also got these sweet pictures.  The feet are my current favorite!

19 weeks 2

19 weeks feet

October 21, 2009 at 8:21 pm 4 comments

It’s a…

Boy! That was the big news of our 18 week check up and ultrasound. All other news was good, too!

18 week ultrasound

I gained 2 lbs since last month, which is in the normal range of up to 4 lbs. My blood pressure was 104/66, continuing the expected downward trend.

The baby’s healthy and very active. So active, in fact, that I have to go back for another ultrasound next week to get a good picture of his heart, since he wouldn’t hold still. We did see four chambers, and both the technician and doctor stressed that it looked normal and not to worry, they just needed to get a good picture. I’m just happy I get to go back for another ultrasound. We saw his brain, kidneys, stomach, fingers, feet, and the bones were very clear. We ruled out club foot and cleft lip/palate, counted five fingers on each hand, and saw him suck his thumb, clasp his hands, and kick his feet over his head. Our baby boy is about 8″ long and measured at 19 weeks for size, which shows he’s a big boy so far.  The placenta is a healthy size and in the right location, as is the umbilical cord. 

18 week ultrasound 2

Our families were thrilled to hear the news, and now I feel like I can really start planning for our baby boy’s arrival!

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