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Cool Hat

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Blue Tractor

I like all tractors: green, blue, red or even yellow!

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Swimming is Exhausting!

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Pool Party!

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Happy Father’s Day!

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I helped Uncle Nate mow hay today!

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A Day in Joshua’s Life

12:30am I wake up in my cosleeping pack n’ play, swaddled up, next to the big bed.  I’m hungry! Time to wake Mommy up! She changes my diaper and brings me back to the big bed to feed me. 

1:00am My plan worked! Mommy fell asleep before me, so I get to spend the rest of the night in the big bed! Snuggle time…

3:00am Hungry again!

5:00am Hungry again!

5:45am Daddy gets up for work, and I’m glad to have more room in the big bed! Hungry again!

6:30am Daddy woke me up to kiss me and Mommy goodbye.  Hungry again!

8:00am Mommy change my diaper! Mommy takes me back to bed and we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? and A to Z.  More snuggles.

8:30am Mommy tries to trick me into going back to sleep, but it doesn’t work! She gets up and gets dressed while I chatter away to the AC vent in the ceiling.  Then Mommy gets me dressed in my first outfit of the day.

9:00am Mommy fixes her own breakfast while I sit in the swing.  She rushes because she knows I’m getting hungry again!

9:15am Mommy feeds me, while trying to eat her own breakfast and check email at the same time.  Silly Mommy!

9:30am I fill my diaper, but doze off at the same time.  Mommy debates waking me up to change me, and her nose wins.  Now I’m awake again!  Mommy sings to me, her voice is bad but I don’t mind.

9:45am I’m nice and clean and dry again.  Mommy feeds me on the other side.

10:00am Mommy and I play on the couch.  She shows me interesting brightly colored toys, I chew on my hands and talk to her.  We both smile a lot and laugh a little.

10:15am I’m bored with playing. I cry with a super-sad face and scratch Mommy.  She decides it’s time for a walk outside. She puts my silly hat on and we go up to the mail box.  We see two Tom Turkeys on the way, and lots of birds and bugs in the hay field.  The man across the street is mowing his lawn and he stops to talk to us.  We walk back to our yard and visit the vegetable garden.  Wow there are a lot of weeds in there! Mommy, don’t you have time to weed?

10:30am We’re back in the house.  I’m cranky again! Mommy gets another glass of water.  She says she needs to drink lots of water to make me milk, but I never see her making milk.  I just know it’s ready whenever I want it.  I think I want some right now!

10:35am I thought I was hungry, but I’m sleepy! Maybe I’ll close my eyes, just for a minute…

11:00am  Now I’m hungry!

11:30am  Mom changes my diaper and tells me we’re going to go visit the animals at the farm.  She starts getting ready to go…

12:10pm Oh no, not the car seat… We’re finally in the car.  We go to the farm and visit with great-grandma.  Mommy shops and then we see the llamas, mini-horse, goats and bunnies.  It’s hot so they’re in the shade.  I’m hot, too, let’s go home.

1:00pm  We’re home! Mommy and I take two trips to carry everything in.  I’m hungry again! Mommy’s lunch will have to wait.  But I’m pretty tired, too…

1:30pm  Mommy tries to get up to get lunch, and I wake up! I wait for her to get something to eat, then we eat together.  I’m still sleepy… I continue to doze on and off while sleep-eating and I think Mommy even clipped my nails and toe nails! 

3:00pm  I wake up very cranky! I throw my head back and cry with my super-sad face and real tears.  I’m not really sure why I was so upset, but a diaper change and some more to eat make me feel better.  Even a little tired again…

4:00pm  Cranky again! Mommy changes my diaper and feeds me, and now I’m happy again!

4:30pm  Bath time!

5:00pm  Mommy and I play, sing songs and read Big Red Barn and Moo, Baa, La La La.  Mommy gets a phone call and I talk loudly, too!

6:00pm  Time to eat again! Daddy gets home, says hello and goes to take a shower.  Then he cooks supper while Mommy feeds me.

7:00pm  Mommy and Daddy eat supper and I sit next to Mommy on the couch.  She eats and I smile and laugh at her.  Daddy cleans up the kitchen and Mommy and I watch him and talk to him.

7:30pm  I spend some quality time with Daddy on the couch.  I smile and talk to him, but then I start to get cranky! We rock in the rocking chair for a little while.

8:00pm  Mommy changes me and puts me in my jammies.  She and Daddy think that I’ll go to sleep soon, but I’m not tired!  Time to eat!

8:30pm  I’m feeling very sleepy…

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Three Months

Dear Joshua,

It seems you have grown up so much in the last three months.  You barely resemble your newborn pictures.  You still have blue eyes and light brown hair, but your baby hair has begun to fall out and is being replaced by little boy hair.  Instead of the froggy posture you enjoyed as a newborn, you now stretch out and stand tall.

You’re a happy baby, and your smiles are contagious.  We love it when you smile with your whole body: a big open smile, happy eyes, and wiggley arms and legs.  You also like to talk now, cooing and gurgling in response to us.  Sometimes you babble on and on with big smiles, and sometimes you talk so loudly that you scare yourself! You like to stand up with help, and will push with your feet.  You also like to grab things- hair, jewelry, clothing.

We love to read books together, especially Moo, Baa, La La La, Guess How Much I Love You, Big Red Barn, and any book with animal sounds.  Your favorite song is “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”  You like to spend a little bit of time under your play gym, looking in the mirror and at the brightly colored toys, and you’re just starting to enjoy playing with rattles and teething toys.  You’ve also discovered your hands, and like to stuff them both in your mouth to chew on your fingers.

In the past month, you’ve visited with your grandparents and great-grandparents, gone to your first tractor pull, dipped your feet in the pool (but it was cold!), and gotten better about riding in your car seat.  You still would prefer to sleep in someone’s arms rather than alone, and we can’t really blame you for that.  You wake up a few times throughout the night to eat and get changed, but we’re all sleeping a little better around here now.

You’ve spent time alone with boths sets of grandparents, and while you prefer to nurse, you’ll drink from a bottle if you have to.    You’re outgrowing your 6-month sized clothes because you’re just too long, but on really hot days you’re happy in just a gDiaper.  You definitely don’t like to be sweaty, and so we keep the house cool for you when the temperature rises outside.

We look forward to spending this summer with you!


Mommy and Daddy

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