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Picking Apples

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I Scream!

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So Where’s the Food?

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Joshua and Mommy’s Photo Shoot

Tonight, Mommy realized that she was wearing make up, wearing her hair down, and clean! So she made Daddy take pictures for evidence.

Daddy did a pretty good job!

August 21, 2010 at 1:36 am 5 comments

Snuggling with Mimi

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Little Fish

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I can sit up for a little while all by myself! Good thing Mommy’s quick with the camera!

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5 Months

Dear Joshua,

At five months old, you are a happy, healthy little boy.  You love to grab your toes and play with them while rolling side to side on your back.  You love to giggle and smile while playing on a blanket on the floor.  Your eyes light up when you see Daddy, and you get a great big smile.  You love to cuddle with Mommy and will put up with her using the sling carrier, though it’s too hot to use right now.  Your big boy hair is coming in light brown, and your eyes are still bright blue.  Each month that passes makes me more and more sure that they’re going to stay blue. 

You no longer look like the newborn we brought home from the hospital, and instead you look like a little boy.  We haven’t been to the doctor’s office this month, but I’m guessing you weigh in at 20 lbs.  You wear size 12 month clothes, but you’ve mostly worn your gDiapers alone in this summer heat.

You laugh when we play airplane, make funny noises or tickle you, and sometimes you laugh for no reason at all.  You squirm when you lay on your back which makes diaper changes more exciting.  You love to stand with support, holding onto our hands and you sit up with support.  Today you even sat up all by yourself for about 30 seconds before falling over.  You learned to splash water in the tub and in the pool, and sometimes you even kick your legs and move your arms like you’re swimming.

You’ve gotten better at grabbing things, too.  It seems like every time Mommy takes a drink you reach out and tip her cup, causing her to spill.  You’re able to grab toys and bring them to your mouth to chew on, including grabbing a duckie out of the water in the bath.  You love to play with your light-up phone, cow rattle, stuffed sheep, keys and other brightly colored toys.  You cruise around in your Jeep walker, usually going backwards but sometimes going forwards or to the side.  You grab and turn the steering wheel and spin the mirrors as you drive around the house.

Sometimes your mouth hurts and you need to chew on a finger, cold teething toy or anything else you can get into your mouth.  When your teething really starts to bother you, you will grab onto us and try to chew on our chins, which we have named “shark attack.”  Usually after a little chewing you feel better, and we await the arrival of your first tooth.

You went to your first festival, the Potato and Corn Festival.  You slept in the ergo carrier, watched the tractor pull, smiled at all the people who wanted to meet you, and even nursed in the shade when you got hungry.  It was a great day and you acted like such a big boy.  You also took your first trip to the library and we read your first library books, though you’ll have to wait until you’re five years old to get your own library card.

You are growing up so fast and we love every minute with you!


Mommy and Daddy

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