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6 Months

Dear Joshua,

We are so happy to celebrate your half-birthday! At 6 months, you measure 29 inches long (above the 98th percentile) and weigh 20 lbs (95th percentile).  You continue to be a big boy! You are fitting comfortably into clothes sized 12 months and larger.  Your hair is dark blonde/light brown, the same shade as Mommy’s.  We’re finally starting to believe your eyes will stay blue, too!

We celebrated 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, and in preparation for trying solid foods we’ve started to seat you in your high chair at supper time.  You like to sit there and smile at us during supper, and you especially like to chew on your empty sippy cup.  Some day, we’ll put water in there for you to try.

You are sitting up now and enjoy playing with toys while you sit.  You also frequently roll over and have started to really wiggle in the big bed.  You had your last swim in the pool and the season has changed to fall, so you went for your first time picking apples, your first hayride, and your first visit to the pumpkin patch.  We visited the beach and you sat and played in the sand, grabbing handfulls and dumping it on your feet and legs. 

This last month has been full of changes.  Mommy went back to work and you began going to Mimi’s house and daycare.  For the most part, you love daycare and have made friends there.  You also got sick with your first cold, fever and ear infection, thanks to the germs at daycare.  You have started to go to bed earlier (around 7:00pm) and wake up earlier (around 5:30am), and Daddy has enjoyed taking responsibility for you in the mornings.  He gets you out of bed, gets you dressed, lets you play in your walker and fixes breakfast while Mommy gets dressed for the day.  We somehow manage to get out of the house by 6:45am each day!

You still wake up throughout the night to nurse, and we’re okay with that.  Mommy would love to get more sleep, but we know you’ll sleep longer when you’re ready.  You also love bath time before bed and have really enjoyed playing with your blue rubber ducky and a cup.  You splash like crazy, even though water gets in your eyes! Your favorite song continues to be “Old McDonald Had a Farm” and your favorite poem is “Once the trap was baited.”  You love reading all your books, too.  You have big belly laughs and little giggles, and we love when you decide something is funny.  You think it’s hilarious to stick your fingers in our mouths!

It’s hard to imagine that there was ever a time in our life that you weren’t here with us!


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