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Mommy and Daddy

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Four Months

Dear Joshua,

At four months old, we call you our big boy! You are 27″ long and weigh 17lbs. 14oz.  You’re wearing onesies that are size 12 months.  You don’t wear much more than a gDiaper and a onesie because it’s July and it’s hot! We’ve kept the air conditioning on for you since you’re very cranky when you’re hot and sticky.

You’ve started to laugh in the last month.  You think it’s funny when we make noises or play airplane.  You like to lay on your back on a blanket and giggle and play with us.  When you’re really happy, you kick and swing your arms around.  You don’t mind laying on your tummy anymore, and you can hold your head up so well. You’ve even learned to roll over!

We think you’re starting to get teeth, and you love to chew on and suck your fingers.  You drool a lot and will try to stuff blankets, toys, clothes and hair in your mouth.

You’ve been swimming in the pool with Mommy, and you like the warm water.  You smile when we play motor boat.  You also love to smile at Daddy when he gets home from work.  He reads to you and snuggles you.  You also love all your extended family!

You’re such a handsome boy, with fuzzy light brown hair and sparkling blue eyes.  As time goes by, I believe more and more that they’ll stay blue.  You have fair skin like Mommy, so we’re sure to keep you covered up when we go outside.  Your nails grow so quickly, we have to cut them every few days.  You still love to eat , take baths and snuggle.  We are cherishing this summer with you!


Mommy and Daddy

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I’m 4 Months Old!


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Almost Rolling!



I wonder if I can roll over?


Nope, not yet.

UPDATE! Josh rolled over two hours later… I didn’t catch it on camera though!

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